Daniel Poelman (External Advisor)
As professional airline pilot (B737 & B747), and as instructor, Daniel is an authority in the Belgian Aviation community. He also was responsible for the training and formation of the pilots of Sabena. His enormous experience and flying expertise will help us to decide on our projects and he is the best suited person to help the independent jury of the King Baudouin Foundation to advise on candidates that could be granted a scholarship by Handflight in the future.

Kris Van Nuffel (Founder & President)
In 2000 Kris obtained his Private Pilot License (PPL) in Kortrijk-Wevelgem. In 2001 he had a severe car accident, and after 9 months of rehabilitation he left the hospital as a paraplegic person. After receiving his full ULM license as the first wheelchair user with a Belgian flying license in 2004, he visited several European meetings and fly in's, looking for even better ways to get flying sports accessible to disabled people in Belgium as well. In October 2008 he started the preparation of the Handflight Ursel project and in May 2009 he created the Belgian Hand Flight Fund to finance and realize further projects in the whole Belgian country and in several flying disciplines.

Benoît Fontaine (King Baudouin Foundation)
Benoît Fontaine represents the King Baudouin Foundation in the Board of the Belgian Handflight Fund. Thus, the King Baudouin Foundation  will make sure that the "common interest" remains served above all and that no person, project or organization will be given preference above the other ones. This means an absolute guarantee that all decisions will be made in a totally objective way, and that all of the donated financial means will be spend in a fair and professional way. Benoît's experience surely will contribute to our success.
Dr. Guy Gildemyn (External Advisor)
Guy Gildemyn is a passionated glider pilot & instructor. Within our team he will be our specialist and advisor for projects within the glider flying discipline. He also was the initiator of the first Belgian project to adapt a glider with hand controls in a Wallonian gliding club. In 2010 we will convert his dream together into a first concrete project in Wallonia. After that another glider will be adapted in a Flemish gliding club as well.  With his medical background he also can advise candidate disabled pilots and the gliding clubs.
Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation
Welcome to the Belgian Handflight Fund

On this website you can learn all about our objectives, history, projects and interests. You have a lower limb disability and nevertheless always have been dreaming of flying? Well ... then now your time has come to do so. We at Handflight will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. You can start with visiting the downloads page and download the needed information files and checklists to get you going.

Kind regards from the Handflight Team!

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