Project 1 - The Belgian Aviation Authorities
This was some kind of a project itself. Logically, before starting adapting airplanes and informing people about disabled flying, things needed to be communicated into detail first with the Belgian Aviation Authorities. Things went very well and the Belgian CAA were very open minded and really helpfully. It took us about six months to have everything set, and in the mean time I also passed all medical tests. In May 2009 I received my JAR PPL Student License and Medical Certificate Class II. So now the Belgian CAA is ready as well to welcome other disabled persons. Several procedures have been communicated and determined in cooperation with all the departments of the Belgian Aviation Authorities, being:

  • The General Aviation and Certification Department. (Concerning the approval to use the EASA certified hand controls)

  • The Licensing Department. (Concerning the procedures and tests to be passed before granting a (Student) Pilots license to the disabled persons.

  • The Aero-medical Department. (The Aero-medical Commission consists out of 5 doctors that are specialists in Aviation Medicine. Every disabled person will have to pass special medical tests and a medical test flight before the doctors will decide whether to grant him or her the student or pilot license)

Project 2 - Handflight XXX
The last 6 months have been spent to prepare our first big project in a Belgian Flying Club. Another 6 months preceded the start of this project to communicate with the Belgian Aviation Authorities and determine and set the right procedures over there.  The flying club XXX will be the very first flying club in Belgium that will adapt one  of their Piper P28A sports aircraft with removable hand controls. The aircraft now is in France to be adapted  and is estimated to return in Belgium by end of the month of July 2009. We at Handflight are very happy that this flying club has agreed to give disabled flying a try and to join us in this noble project. A big inauguration day is expected to be organized in the month of September 2009. The Belgian Handflight Fund also will be presented into detail on that international event. When the meteorologic conditions are good on the inauguration day, we can also expect 4 adapted aircrafts of the Paul-Louis Weiller Club in Les Mureaux (FR) to come over to celebrate together with us the start of disabled flight in Belgium. Disabled pilots coming out of Luxemburg and England also will attend the event. 

Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation
Welcome to the Belgian Handflight Fund

On this website you can learn all about our objectives, history, projects and interests. You have a lower limb disability and nevertheless always have been dreaming of flying? Well ... then now your time has come to do so. We at Handflight will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. You can start with visiting the downloads page and download the needed information files and checklists to get you going.

Kind regards from the Handflight Team!

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