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The mission of the King Baudouin Foundation is clear and at the same time wide-ranging: to help to improve living conditions for the population. In its 1976 Constitution the Foundation is described as "an independent structure that encourages original ideas and sets up new projects."

The King Baudouin Foundation supports projects and citizens who are committed to create a better society. In this way it makes a lasting contribution towards greater justice, democracy and respect for diversity. The Foundation works on an independent and pluralistic basis. This is also guaranteed by the diverse backgrounds of its' Board of Governors and the 60 people staff. It respects diversity and strives towards quality, transparency and integrity.  The Foundation focuses on specific themes and is based in Brussels, but also supports projects far beyond the borders of Belgium and Europe.  By founding the Belgian Handflight Fund under the wings of the King Baudouin Foundation we  think to have chosen for the ideal solution. The most important advantages of this cooperation are:

  • The founding of Handflight within the King Baudouin Fund gives our projects extra credibility and creates extra confidence in our projects and our fund. It also can be seen as a strong confirmation of the noble kind of our objectives and means that our project equally reflects the basic ideas and principles of the King Baudouin Foundation. (That means we want to serve the common interest, and strive to make people happy in a unique way.)

  • Everyone supporting our projects can be very sure about the fact that all of their gifts will be spend on the projects in an optimal and professional way.  Projects and scholarship candidates will be chosen on a totally neutral and objective way. 

  • All persons and companies will automatically receive a tax certificate for any gift exceeding 30. That means that their gifts can be made in a tax effective way.

  • Persons, associations or companies that are not based in Belgium also will be able to profit of the tax advantages that apply in their country, by using the services of the TGE (Transnational Giving Europe). For the moment partnerships with TGE are operational for gifts to non profit organizations & foundations from and to Belgium, Ireland, Hungary, The United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania and Poland.

Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation
Welcome to the Belgian Handflight Fund

On this website you can learn all about our objectives, history, projects and interests. You have a lower limb disability and nevertheless always have been dreaming of flying? Well ... then now your time has come to do so. We at Handflight will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. You can start with visiting the downloads page and download the needed information files and checklists to get you going.

Kind regards from the Handflight Team!

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