This event  made the creation of the Belgian Handflight Fund possible.

The Breitling Handiflight Event was first organized and held on the airport of the Swiss town of Gruyères in the month of July of the year 2007. It was a fly in for disabled pilots coming form all over Europe and was a week of flying and enjoying all kinds of flight disciplines together in the Swiss Alps. Many workshops were held as well, and it was an ideal location and time to exchange knowledge and experiences.  What started as an event with 8 invited pilots in 2007 got even bigger in 2008 and finally ended up with 27 invited European Disabled Aviators in the 2009 edition.  Pilots came from Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy and Belgium. As this event is getting bigger and bigger, new and more sponsors need to be found and the next editions will be organized each two years (instead of yearly), restarting in the summer of 2011.

Experiences and knowledge exchanged on these events have led to the initiation of the Ursel Handflight Project and also to the creation of the Belgian Handflight Fund. Furthermore the EDA's (European Disabled Aviators) keep in touch with several contact persons in the EASA and have regular workgroups with the EASA representatives and doctors to make sure that the future European Civil Aviation Guidelines will still allow us to continue enjoying this wonderful sport. Please feel free to have a look at the film underneath. It is a concentration of the most beautiful moments of the 3 editions of the Breitling Handiflight Events (2007-2008-2009). We hope you can see that a disability can not stop passionate guys and girls from seeking the adventure and enjoying the thrilling aspects of flying sports.  For non-disabled persons learning to fly already is a major challenge. For a disabled pilot, learning to fly is a major victory over the disability and over him or herself.

Taste the real and only Spirit of Disabled Flight! 
Breitling Handiflight Event 2007-2009 Highlights
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