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On this page you can find several documents & application forms. They inform you about our projects, our drives. Invitations and newsletters will be posted here as well.

Invitation to the Inauguration of Project Ursel Handflight

This PDF file was the official invitation to the inauguration of the first hand controls adapted sports aircraft in Belgium. On the very same day our Belgian Handflight Fund will be presented to the international press
as well. We kindly invited our handflight friends to Ursel airport and have a look at our bird. The inauguration was taking place at Ursel Airport on September the 26th 2009.

Document in PDF format.

Size: 227 KB

The Belgian Handflight Fund Manifest

This PDF file in English language explains who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Document in PDF format.

Size: 616 KB

Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation
Welcome to the Belgian Handflight Fund

On this website you can learn all about our objectives, history, projects and interests. You have a lower limb disability and nevertheless always have been dreaming of flying? Well ... then now your time has come to do so. We at Handflight will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. You can start with visiting the downloads page and download the needed information files and checklists to get you going.

Kind regards from the Handflight Team!