How to make a donation to the Belgian Handflight Fund?

Donations or gifts can be made to the Belgian Handflight Fund by wire transfer to the account of the King Baudouin Foundation (Brederodestraat 21 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium) with number:


  and with the explicit message:

"S20630 Belgian Handflight Fund"

Why making a donation to the Belgian Handflight Fund?

By making a donation to the Belgian Handflight Fund, you can help us to finance our projects. Adapting airplanes and making recreational airfield infrastructures accessibly to disabled pilots and visitors, inevitable  has it's price tag. The Belgian Handflight Fund is giving seminaries at all kind of social clubs and companies to inform people about it's projects and to raise the needed financial means to fulfill it's goals.

As the Belgian Handflight Fund resides  under the wings of the King Baudouin Foundation, the latter will send a fiscal attestation to all donators for a gift exceeding 30.  However, note that this tax advantage within the Belgian fiscal laws only can be obtained for a voluntary gift.

Sponsoring or paid publicity are interpreted as commercial acts by the Belgian tax departments and therefore are not possible within the Handflight Fund, as in these cases the King Baudouin Foundation cannot grant you a fiscal attestation.  However private persons and companies supporting our projects can be mentioned by name on our website.
What will happen with your donation?

Our board of directors and the King Baudouin Foundation staff will select projects and candidates for scholarships in a strict neutral way. Main principle is that the common interest always needs to be served, and no persons or projects are given preference one above the other. We guarantee you that your contribution always will be spend in a good, fair & professional way.

Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation
Welcome to the Belgian Handflight Fund

On this website you can learn all about our objectives, history, projects and interests. You have a lower limb disability and nevertheless always have been dreaming of flying? Well ... then now your time has come to do so. We at Handflight will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. You can start with visiting the downloads page and download the needed information files and checklists to get you going.

Kind regards from the Handflight Team!

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